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In a Post-Advertising World we recognize that Storytelling is the future of marketing.

We understand the critical elements of fiction writing and the art and science of branding. We use our storytelling skills to weave selected brands into the fictional FREDERICK & SOPHIE storyline on and our social media pages,while ensuring plot and character consistency.

Through the FREDERICK & SOPHIE story we intrigue, engage and increase consumer emotional involvement. We match your brand objectives with the FREDERICK & SOPHIE® characters and we create a memorable and “episodical” brand storyline that naturally aligns itself with the reality of your brand, products, and industry.

“For Frederick & Sophie, we combine the art of storytelling with writing and illustrating effective brand stories. To me, story is the mode of communication that wraps the clarity of a rational message inside an emotional package and delivers it with sticking power.” - Priscilla Obermeier

Priscilla Obermeier:

To download a PDF of the FREDERICK & SOPHIE Story-Kit, please click here.

Over the years, Priscilla Obermeier has received a tremendous amount of praise for her storytelling and writing skills: 

On ‘The Gypset World of Akkesoir’ for ELLE:

“I love the article, just read it 2 times. THANK YOU! It really descibes my style and concept of the World of Akkesoir. It has been written with such devotion, so beautiful! The last scentence is so true: ‘k Richt de wereld in, Wiedewiede naar mijn eigen zin’ (Ich mach’ mir die WeltWiddewidde wie sie mir gefällt …. ) That is so exactly like it is! A -for me as well- very inspiring article. And it feels even more special that it has been written from you, a very special Dutchy for our native Elle” – Akke Aimaq, Owner & Designer, Akkesoir, Berlin, Germany

On ‘the Achtland Aqua Babes Presentation’ in ELLE

“Thank you so much for your kind words! I truly appreciate it and your support means a lot to us during these early stages of ACHTLAND’s development. xT” – Thomas Bentz, Managing Director, ACHTLAND, London, U.K.

On ‘Dodo’ for ELLE:

“Thank you for this great text on the collection and on the Dodo exhibition!” – Dr. Adelheid Rasche, Lipperheide Costume Library/ Art Library Berlin, Germany

On ‘Spring Fever’ for ELLE:

“Thank you so much…it looks amazing.” – Anja Behrendt, Public Relations, Departmentstore Quartier 206, Berlin, Germany

On ‘Priscilla’s Christmas Wish list’ for ELLE

“Dear Priscilla, thank you so much! Great article, we are very happy about it.” – Laura Koerver, Marketing & Public Relations, KaDeWe, Berlin, Germany
On ‘From Berlin with Style’ for L-ATITUDE:

“Priscilla, I loved reading your emotional fashion reportage from Berlin. I wish I could fly there to-morrow and follow step by step what’s described in your fantastic story. Compliments and warm greetings.” – Diego Pamplona, Horplan SAS (Management Consulting & M&A Strategies for the Luxury Industry), Milan, Italy

On ‘Fabulous Faux’ for L-ATITUDE:

“I enjoyed both your blog and your article, Priscilla. They were well written and beautifully illustrated. Thank you.” – Carole Tanenbaum, Art curator and owner and founder of Carole Tanenbaum Vintage Collection, Toronto, Canada

On ‘Once upon a time in Moscow’ for L-ATITUDE

“Wow, Priscilla!! Amazing article!” – Christina Omelchenko, Global Communications manager Estee Lauder/Tom Ford at Estee Lauder Group, Moscow, Russia

On ‘Vive La France’ for L-ATITUDE

“I’m so proud to know someone with such amazing talent! I just read two of your articles and I’m hooked! I adore the Audrey Tautou photos and I completely agree, Clémence Poésy does exemplify that “je ne sais quoi!” I adore her personal style, she can be wearing jeans and white tee and look incredibly chic! You have such eloquent vocabulary when it comes to the fascinating world we love, called fashion.” – Rebecca Paz, Jewelry Designer and Founder BECK Designs, New York

“I chanced upon your webpage and have been stuck to it for the past 3 hours. You have a beautiful expression that reflects in each of your articles and illustrations. I have been a student of Fashion Management and have closely worked with Fashion houses in India, but have never felt the personality of Fashion as beautifully, as your writing made me. Thanks a lot for enlightening.” – Rohini Sharma, LVMH Group, Mumbai

“Thank you for allowing me to guest post! I’m glad that I am able to connect with fabulous individuals like yourself.” – Anya Sarre, Hollywood Celebrity Stylist, Chief Accessories and Handbag Stylist for ShoeDazzle, named “Best Television Fashion Stylist” for her appearances on Entertainment Tonight and The Insider.

“Priscilla…now that’s how to write a headline. “The Color of Patience” pulled me right into your article…which is just as captivating. Kudos to you. You…can write!” Judy, U.S.A.

“Your writing is so skilled that one need not be interested in your topics to enjoy your blog. Unaffected, friendly, and gracefully written, it is a pleasure to read”. – John Lowe, Staff Writer at The Daily Jeffersonian, Wheeling, U.S.A.

“Hi Priscilla – It’s around 4 a.m. and I’m chewing away at the thought of getting ready for work! After reading your amusing tale I don’t want to go I would rather glue myself to the chair and just write away! I have lost all enthusiasm for my daily ‘run of the mill’ routine. Loved every word. Very inspiring. Jan. p.s. Dragging myself into the shower!” – Janice Horner, U.K.

“I find myself captivated by your writing and imagery. I am working on a publication dedicated to fashion, architecture and design. Your work is inspirational and vivid”. – Michael J. Young, Managing Partner, Liquid Design Studios, Atlanta, U.S.A.

“I really liked your blog entry ‘Eat, Write, Love’. You write beautifully.” – Graham Howard, Communications Manager, BlueFire Corporation, Sydney Australia

“You’re a brilliant writer with a well-trained eye. A pleasure seeing your blog. Thanks for sharing!”- Ann Halsig, Freelance Writer at Present Pathway, France

On: The pilot episode of “Messed Up Life”

Great show & Great writing! Props to the whole creative team. 1-Love”. – HHTV-Film, Johannesburg, South-Africa

“Priscilla, congrats! That’s quite an undertaking!” – Justin Halpern, Creator, Writer, Producer of U.S. hit sitcom “Shit My Dad Says”(CBS/ Warner Brothers), Los Angeles, U.S.A.

“It looks good! I will check the website regularly.” – Geert Maarten Van der Jagt – Manager AV Productions, MTV Networks, The Netherlands

“I thought it had a ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ or ‘Episodes’ (a Showtime comedy) feel to it.” – Timothy Holloway, New Media Specialist Madison Square Garden, New York City, U.S.A.

“Good writing, xclnt production value, well cast.” – Michael Kerr, Independent Writer/ Producer, Michael Kerr Company, Hollywood, U.S.A.

“The quality looks great, also that’s the best quality video I’ve ever seen on YouTube.” – Michael Grimes, Grimes Communications, Texas, U.S.A.

“Liked the concept, good start. My hat off for doing it.” – Stavroula Logothettis, Producer/ Writer/Presenter at 206 Productions Inc., Greece