OG Management

A Family in Business

It all started in Paris. It was Spring 2012 and Markus and Priscilla Obermeier found themselves in the Rue Saint-Honoré, both in search of a new, white T-Shirt. After having spent hours going from store to store, they went back to Berlin. Without T-Shirts, but with the idea to create the perfect Tee themselves. One that was as soft as cashmere, not too sheer, not too tight, not too loose, not too thick. A T-Shirt that could withstand the wear and tear of their busy city- life and frequent travel. Tailored enough to make you look noticeably better and feel incredibly comfortable. Fast forward to one year and 10,000 ways how not to make a T-Shirt later, and the Obermeier’s perfect white T-Shirt was a fact. As well as the establishment of its home in 2013: FREDERICK & SOPHIE®. 

FREDERICK & SOPHIE has successfully grown from a niche product into the first multi brand E-Commerce destination that combines fiction with commerce. The original Egyptian cotton T-Shirt is the corner stone of the store’s private label. The T-Shirt was described as pure luxury basics in the international fashion press and as perfect, indeed by clients around the world. 

The Obermeier Group now comprises the Group’s brand portfolio, OG Design, OG Storylab and OG Solutions, and is anchored in a long term vision that builds on the shared ambition and visionary entrepreneurship of its Management. 

Complementing each other’s unique qualities, Markus and Priscilla Obermeier each have their own lane of authority and expertise. Together they worked with diverse clients across the EMEA region and North America in industries ranging from beauty, apparel, fashion, and luxury to consumer goods.

The couple has one son together, Indy, who was named after Indiana Jones because life should be an adventure. He learns the family business at the dinner table, next to sewing tables, and even underneath a Saks Fifth Avenue meeting table, where he found himself at the age of 4, asking for ‘water without bubbles, please’. Priscilla created the POPPY & PARKER® characters with Indy and his dear friend Emma in mind.

Priscilla Obermeier

Priscilla draws on 15+ years of story creation, story-driven marketing and copywriting experience. She combines her extensive knowledge of story and of the multichannel brand and retail environment to create and to grow imaginative, innovative and inspirational fashion, lifestyle and retail brands.

After creating as an innovative shopping experience that reimagines story-centric retail in the E-commerce space, Priscilla Obermeier is responsible for the overall creative direction of FREDERICK & SOPHIE and POPPY & PARKER as multi-brand E-Commerce destinations with private labels. Her work for Obermeier Group include management of the Group’s creatives, story-centric branding & marketing, product design, brand creative content, strategic brand partnerships and the translation of the Group’s E-Commerce enterprises into brick & mortar.

While living in Berlin, Priscilla wrote as a contributing editor for Elle Netherlands. Her weekly online column ‘A Suitcase in Berlin’ covered her view on the Berliner fashion, lifestyle and entertainment industry.

Priscilla was born in Jakarta, Indonesia but grew up in The Netherlands. She lived in Germany, Italy, The Netherlands, The United States and Austria and speaks fluent Dutch, English and German, and enough Italian to order a coffee to go. She has written for online and print magazines in Dutch and English. She is a life-long bookworm and you might have already had an awkward bump-in with her in the streets of Paris, Milan, New York, Berlin, Amsterdam or Vienna as she likes to read a book while walking to her next appointment. Priscilla is a proud mom of Indy who tells her to never give up and also that he would like to become King of New York with a Toy Empire.

Client Successes

Client successes include:

  • Luxury Retail. Delivering and executing a repositioning strategy for a luxury multi brand retailer (20+ brick & mortar stores and E-Commerce) across several areas including store branding, retail marketing, private brands strategy, development of a brand voice, brand creative content and marketing communications (internal, external and online). 


  • Beauty & Retail. Defining and executing a brand strategy, including developing a consistent brand voice, brand creative content and marketing communications for a global beauty player. 


  • Media & Entertainment. Developing a branded entertainment concept for a Los Angeles based comedy micro blogging site, including translating the stories posted on the site into an episodic video series and creating, writing and producing the pilot episode, negotiating brand partnerships, and marketing. The video was called “the best quality video on YouTube” by an industry professional. In Los Angeles, Priscilla was a member of Women in Film and the International Academy of Web Television.


  • Media & Entertainment. Priscilla helped develop and implement a corporate communications strategy (internal and external) for a global media company through its public tender process and subsequent €2.6bn sale and delisting.


  • Over the years, Priscilla’s storytelling and writing skills have been called ‘inspirational, vivid and graceful’. Please see here.
Markus Obermeier

Markus’ expertise stems from his 20+ years experience leading broad sales transformations, designing sales organization structures and implementing retail-, wholesale-, off-price and franchise sales strategies to drive revenue and growth for global fashion and lifestyle brands across multiple markets in the EMEA Region.

Through his extensive work in the industry, he has gained deep insights into the clothing, footwear, and accessories markets in the EMEA region and built a wealth of expertise in a broad range of functional issues, including brand restructuring & turnaround, category strategies and brand merchandising.

For the Obermeier Group Markus focuses on international growth, retail partnerships, the private label manufacturing operations and the Group’s finances.

His successes are as much fueled with his operations, trading and merchandising experience as with his pragmatism, determination and persistence. It’s the same determination that also made him win several championships as a professional skier- and soccer player.

Having lived in Germany, France, Italy, The Netherlands, The United States and Austria, Markus speaks German, French, English and Italian. At home you can find him drinking ginger tea while reading yet another history book. He is a proud dad of Indy who keeps beating him in chess and Mario Kart 8. You can wake him up for Gado Gado or a Nutella sandwich.

Client Successes

Client successes include:

  • Developing and executing a market entry strategy for Eastern Europe, including the multiyear development of a strong sales organization and visual merchandise team, negotiating franchise partnerships, the development of 39 shop-in-shop concepts, and assortment optimization for the local markets, increasing new market revenue from EUR 25M to EUR 250M for a global designer lifestyle brand. 


  • Developing and executing an EMEA market-entry strategy through key wholesale accounts and franchise operations for an emerging global fashion & lifestyle brand. 


  • Delivering a brand turnaround including the restructuring of the EMEA sales organisation, assortment optimization for local markets, pricing and promotions , resulting in profitability and 11% year by year growth in a declining market.


  • Implementation and execution of off-price channel strategies for global fashion brands looking to clear excess inventory quickly.