Our Brands


The Obermeier Group brand portfolio strategy includes creating story-centric retail and lifestyle brands, and nurturing and preserving each brand’s distinctive identity and purpose while fostering growth.

FREDERICK & SOPHIE ® – the first Department Story

FREDERICK & SOPHIE is the first E-Commerce destination that fuses literary fiction with commerce. Merchandise selections are integrated into the FREDERICK & SOPHIE fictional narrative and build around the personality, style, lifestyle and changing situations of eight fictional characters. Departments are based on the common rooms of THE RESIDENCE, a glamorous landmark building, and our characters’ home, at Central Park South in New York. 

POPPY & PARKER® – A Retail Spin-Off

City kids, world travelers, neighbors and best friends, Poppy and Parker, are not afraid of Space Pirates, Fashionistas, Spies or Mad Michelin Star Chefs. Followed around town and toyroom by Wally, Parker’s loyal and patient Newfoundland Dog, not a day goes by without a merry (mis) adventure. 

The POPPY & PARKER kids lifestyle store concept offers a carefully curated edit built around the Uptown City lifestyle of its precocious and irrepressible brand protagonists, the children of Frederick & Sophie characters.

JULIET – A storified Magazine

Part of the world of FREDERICK & SOPHIE®, JULIET is a fictional monthly lifestyle magazine for women, owned and published by Henri Montrose, the media company of brand characters Frederick and George. The magazine’s outspoken, honored and, most of all, feared, Editor-in-Chief is Sophie’s best friend and George’s wife, Grace.

JULIET targets entrepreneurial Uptown denizens in the age 30-50. Ladies who launch companies and empires, raise the next generation of precocious little pirates and aren’t afraid to take on life, liberty and the pursuit of personal happiness.