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The Curated Closet

Truth to be told, I’m a jeans, t-shirt, cashmere sweater, ballerina flats kind of girl. I continuously find myself buying different versions of the same staples: the grey cashmere off-shoulder sweater, the grey cashmere v-neck sweater, the grey cashmere round neck sweater, the black cashmere sweater, the black T-Shirt, the white T-Shirt, the black cashmere sweater dress…. you get the point. Even when I’m shopping for a new lipgloss, I come back with the same shade (Chanel no. 119, Bobbi Brown’s Rose Sugar) My ballerina flats? Black leather Ferragamo’s. I wear them always, no matter what weather. I wish I could go skiing in them. My denims? Skinny. By Adriano Goldschmied. I wish I could go skiing in these too (how do they make them so soft and comfortable?). Bag? A black, throw it all in, by Bally. I have it for years now, it’s still in excellent condition, and it fits to every part of my multifaceted life (and to my book worm nature. I’m currently reading ‘Political Order and Political Decay’ by Francis Fukuyama and it just doesn’t fit into a clutch). The thought of parting with it, actually makes me sad. For someone working in fashion, one could consider me ridiculously boring (in Fashion lingo: I’m so not Vetements right now’). Or… ridiculously curated. (I prefer the latter)


A couple of weeks ago I ran into ‘The Curated Closet’ by Anushka Rees at my personal city-ZEN retreat: the bookstore. While browsing through ‘The Curated Closet’, I found myself nodding. Can I say that curated is the new cool? (Before you say no… see also:The New Cool) Reason enough to share a selection of the nod-worthy-sentences I read:


“Try to think of your closet as an exclusive members only club.”


I’ve become more capsule over the years. The more my #girlboss-family-life asks of me, the longer my working days get, the better I get to know myself in different situations, the more I feel the need for simplicity in style. I say in style, because when it comes to intrinsic value it can’t be exuberant enough. I love to be surprised by excellent craftsmanship, well tailored fits and materials. There’s cashmere and there’s cashmere, people (no, really, I can go on all day about the difference between the NM 2/60 and NM 3/80 yarn). Quality is something that has become more important in everything I do, eat, drink, read, wear. Whatever I dress myself in should be comfortable, soft and last (especially with daily use), whatever I eat should leave me thrilled to taste more (think Alain Ducasse’s iced chestnut delight, hazelnut praline). Thumbing through my clothing rack, I see and feel pieces that add something truly special to my life. I don’t mind leaving three mediocre products behind to invest into that one uncompromising basic that holds true swoon-inducing value. I don’t mind traveling to Vatican City to get one great hat made at Antica Manifattura Cappelli. As a designer I also don’t mind going the extra mile to find the perfect cashmere yarn or the knitting atelier with the most unique savoir-faire. In this sense…Simplicity is something you arrive at, after you have been incredibly selective.


“In the long run, putting more effort into selecting the right piece always pays off.”


By now, you know that I’m a hopeless perfectionist. If not, take a peek into my exactitude obsessed mind here. I actually think that I could live happily ever after in a highly curated walk-in closet. One with a black, white, navy, grey, nude, taupe color palette. One with seasonless, timeless pieces that are easy to combine. Exactly, those travel-light-one piece-eighty different-looks-pieces. Curating a closet like this, takes time and effort. I know, two words that don’t exactly make you jump for joy. But… going the extra mile (for yourself!) truly is a worthy quest. Close your eyes for a moment and think of the carrot: jeans that fit the individual contours of your body perfectly. Sweaters that elongate your upper body. Soft T-Shirts that lift you up for years to come. Shoes that don’t require to be stretched out a bit….Open your eyes. Gratifying, non?


“True personal style is always custom-made.”


There is no cookie-cutter-one-size-fits-all-wardrobe. And that’s exactly where the fun starts. What could be possibly more exciting than getting to know yourself better? Mais oui, coming into your own is the new black! Knowing who you are and what you are worth (you’re you and you’re priceless, dahling), results in an aura of confidence. No matter what you add to that in dress, you’ll own the room. Nothing beats personal authority…or a perfect white Tee .  




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